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Reference Titles

  • Encyclopedia of Crash Dump Analysis Patterns: Detecting Abnormal Software Structure and Behavior in Computer Memory (ISBN: 978-1906717216)
  • Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential User Space WinDbg Commands (ISBN: 978-1906717001 and 978-0955832857)
  • Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential Kernel Space WinDbg Commands (ISBN: 978-1908043146)
  • Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential Managed Space WinDbg .NET Commands (ISBN: 978-1908043153)
  • Windows Debugging Notebook: Essential Concepts and Tools (ISBN: 978-1908043160)
  • Reference Stack Traces: Windows Server® 2008 and Windows Vista™ (ISBN: 978-1906717230)
  • The Opentask Guide to Modern Software Engineering Writing (ISBN: 978-1906717049)
  • On Debugging: Bugtations and Other Humorous Quotations (ISBN: 978-1906717285)
  • WinDbg: A Reference Poster and Learning Cards (ISBN: 978-1906717292)
  • Title: Book Publisher's Notebook (ISBN: 978-1906717308)
  • Software Support Engineer's Notebook (ISBN: 978-1906717315)
  • Idea: Blogger's Notebook (ISBN: 978-1906717339)
  • Dictionary of Debugging (ISBN: 978-1906717353)
  • GDB and KDB Debuggers: A Reference Poster and Learning Cards (ISBN: 978-1906717391)
  • Literate Scientists and Their Books: An Independent Guide to Understanding Reality (ISBN: 978-1906717520)
  • Sociology of Software: An Anthology and A Dictionary (ISBN: 978-1906717636)
  • My Computer Crashes and Freezes: A Non-technical Guide to Software and Hardware Errors (ISBN: 978-19067171704)
  • English Dictionary of Book Titles (ISBN: 978-1908043504)
  • Software Behavior Analysis Patterns and Checklists: Corporate Reference Poster Edition for Windows Crash and Hang Memory Dump and Software Trace Analysis (ISBN: 978-1908043030)
  • Encyclopedia of Debugging (ISBN: 978-1908043122)
  • Software Trace and Log Analysis: A Pattern Reference (ISBN: 978-1908043801)
  • Linux Debugging Notebook: Essential Tools and GDB Commands (ISBN: 978-1908043931)