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Philosophy & Religion Titles

  • Memoidealism: A New Kind of Philosophy (ISBN: 978-1906717209)
  • Memory Religion: A Core Testament of Memorianity (ISBN: 978-1906717476)
  • Software and Philosophy: An Anthology of Metaphorical Bijections (ISBN: 978-1906717513)
  • The Variety of Software: The Richness of Computation (ISBN: 978-1906717544)
  • State and Event: Categorical Foundations of Being and Time (ISBN: 978-1906717643)
  • Parameterized Science: Universal Memory Dumps and the Grand Unification (ISBN: 978-1906717650)
  • Imperfect Debugger: Why Computers Can't Debug (ISBN: 978-1908043054)
  • Philosophy of Software Diagnostics: An Introduction, Part 1 (ISBN: 978-1908043573)