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Software Diagnostics Titles

  • Pattern-Driven Software Diagnostics: An Introduction (ISBN: 978-1908043382)
  • Systemic Software Diagnostics: An Introduction to Systems Thinking in Memory Dump and Software Trace Analysis (ISBN: 978-1908043399)
  • Accelerated Windows Software Trace Analysis: Training Course Transcript (ISBN: 978-1908043429)
  • Pattern-Based Software Diagnostics: An Introduction (ISBN: 978-1908043498)
  • Software Diagnostics: Requirements, Architecture, Design, Implementation and Improvement (ISBN: 978-1908043627)
  • Philosophy of Software Diagnostics: An Introduction, Part 1 (ISBN: 978-1908043573)
  • Pattern-Oriented Network Trace Analysis (ISBN: 978-1908043580)
  • Software Diagnostics: The Collected Seminars (ISBN: 978-1908043641)
  • Mobile Software Diagnostics: An Introduction (ISBN: 978-1908043658)
  • Agile Software Diagnostics (ISBN: 978-1908043665)
  • A Pattern Language for Software Diagnostics, Forensics, and Prognostics: Memory, Traces, Deconstruction (Volume I) (ISBN: 978-1908043818)
  • Software Trace and Memory Dump Analysis: Patterns, Tools, Processes and Best Practices (ISBN: 978-1908043238)